Mike & Allison

They say that if you want a rainbow, you’re going to need a little rain. Mike and Ally’s Wedding Day was perfectly imperfect and lived up to that, and they never skipped a bit or worried over it one bit. That’s exactly what marriage is about- riding out the storms and dancing in the rain. There was heavy rain and flooding in the area the night before, which stopped just in time for their wedding. Allison got sick and had to leave the wedding for a couple of hours, but returned to a massive flash mob of singing, dancing, and a Dale & Co. Balloon Arch, followed by an epic serenade by Mike to a Meatloaf ballad, and the most beautiful sunset and rainbow you could ask for. Mike and Alie’s wedding really embodied their vows- “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.” So grateful I got to witness and capture everything from their touching first look and private reading of vows, to all the laughter and tears, to Mike’s sick dance moves and Ally’s beauty-inside and out, to the rainbow and their happily ever after. Cheers to these two, and to remembering what life’s all about!