Deirdre & Areeb

In the wedding photography world, and as a business owner, I hear the term "ideal clients" thrown around quite a bit. (On the flip side, I often hope that I'm my client's "ideal photographer" or first choice, not just a number on their budget.)  When Areeb reached out to me about their last minute wedding plans in NYC and I chatted with Deirdre about her plans for these days, I was so excited for them and that I got to be the one to capture.  Deirdre and Areeb were kind and hospital to me, as I joined them on a 2 day adventure around Manhattan and Brooklyn, where they got married their way.  Day 1 was a NYC Courthouse wedding, and day 2 was a big ole' party in Brooklyn in their neighborhood, complete with the most beautiful courtyard and the best freakin food truck I've ever tasted.  Their style and selections for their day was their own (homegirl wore a pant suit- seriously after my heart), and I thoroughly enjoyed documenting it.  I hope they love reliving these days through photos as much as I have as I assembled this blog.  All the love to these two! For me, shooting weddings isn't just about getting the shots, but about connecting with my clients on one of the most important days of their lives.  If you're an unconventional pair who throw traditions to the wind and want something different, something YOU for your wedding, please reach out!