Jordan & Bailey

I had a groom ask me recently about my prompts, “ Are those things you learn to get couples to interact?” And the answer is yes! One of the many awesome things I love about photography is there is always something new to learn- something more I can bring to the table and offer my couples to bring out the love between them and let it shine on camera. Sometimes that involves a little trust in me, but I promise the biggest smiles and laughs, and the sweetest quiet and intimate moments I can capture on camera. Weddings tend to be a formal day , so being able to let loose and let couples play and be themselves for their engagement photos is such an awesome complement to wedding portraits. I had the opportunity to practice my skills and photograph Bailey and Jordan in their neighborhood in Brooklyn at WRKSHP this fall. They recently moved to Brooklyn from Texas, and Gowanus was their playground as they frolicked and played, stopping laughing only to sneak in a kiss. This new phase in their lives, and the love, risk and trust involved- and the reliance on each other really shines through, as well as the reminder to work hard but play harder. Loved reliving these moments and excited to share them here!