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Oh Hey!

I’m Cassandra Daye, but feel free to call me Cassie. All my friends do. I’m a passionate and fun-loving wedding photographer who thinks love is a BIG.FREAKIN.DEAL and pretty much the best thing ever. Based out of New York and available worldwide, I feel most myself when I’m behind the camera.


Photography began as a hobby but grew into a passion when I discovered the marriage (no pun) of love and photos.  Telling a love story through my lens is a constant reminder of what is right and good in this crazy world. 

Gimme all the love! I wanna see those the kickass brides, the weepy grooms and the dogs dressed in little bowties.  I try to capture all sides of my clients, the dark and the light, the quiet moments and the belly laughs, the raw and real, and also the occasional Vogue. I pride myself on making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and having all of the fun at my shoots and weddings!

My Style

I love bold, dramatic, romantic and high contrast images. I consider myself a mix of editorial and documentary- I want you look and feel like a movie star but still feel like yourself, too. and My signature is an epic wide shot. I strive to both capture and curate that “raw and real” authentic emotion everyone is always talking about in the wedding photography biz, and I do so by providing prompts and direction to inspire you and your love to laugh, cry, and get a little crazy. Put your trust in me, and it promise it translates to magic on my camera.

My Approach

  • Love for me is a big deal! And finding your one true love? Well. That’s like finding a unicorn. Straight magic! Having been recently married myself, I think like a bride and try to give my clients what I would want from a photographer come the big day. My marriage is most cherished “possession” so i treat my couples, their love and weddings with the utmost care.

  • I do whatever I can so that you can enjoy every moment of the process. Whether it's a cozy at-home engagement session, an elopement in the mountains, or a formal affair in your grandmother's vintage wedding dress, I want you to feel comfortable.

  • I take an adventurous approach to my engagement sessions, to break the ice and let us both all feel like old friends. Who wants to feel stiff and stuffy and awkward and uncomfortable. Put you’re trust in me and I promise all that will melt away. And come wedding time you’ll be a pro in front of my lens.

  • I keep us organized and on schedule to make the process and your day as stress-free as possible. You’ve got bigger fish to fry than worrying about me. I’ll get you in and out and on with life so you can enjoy your wedding, and then get you some gorgeous photos a few weeks later to remember your best day ever, forever.

  • My goal is to both capture and create some kick-ass (dare I say), epic memories. You only get one wedding day, one walk down the aisle, one first kiss, and one chance to get your Baby & Johnny lift in on the dance floor. Put your trust in me and show me all of your can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of love and I promise you some magic.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I’m an indoor cat, but definitely a dog person. My favorite place to be is at home in my bed with my husband, dog, old movies and some Chinese takeout on a rainy Sunday.

  • That being said, I love any excuse to travel and explore. Let’s adventure!

  • Music and dance are a huge part of my life so you can probably expect some tunes during your engagement shoot and don’t mind me if I’m dancing along with you as I shoot your wedding reception. Oh, and if Queen Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” comes on at your wedding, all bets are off.

Alright, enough about me,

let's DO THIS!